A Pack of Integrations

AiBud WP supports the following tools and technologies:

  • OpenAI – GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4) is the world's largest and most advanced language model.

  • Gemini Pro – Google provides a great AI model named Gemini, the service's old name was Google Bard.

  • Claude – Anthropic provides an awesome AI model named Claude. If you never try this you definitely should!

  • OpenRouter – OpenRouter is a service that offers a range of AI models for content creation.

  • Davinci – a smart and capable model to respond to a vast range of questions, solutions, discussions, advice, and dialogues.

  • DALL-E – image generator core algorithm.


You can use the following AI models in the AI Bud WordPress Plugin:

  • GPT-3.5 Turbo

  • GPT-4

  • GPT-4 Vision

  • GPT-4o

  • Google Gemini Pro

  • Claude 3 Opus

  • Claude 3 Sonnet

  • Claude 3 Haiku

  • OpenRouter

  • Chronos Hermes

  • Dolphin

  • Cohere: Command

  • Databricks: DBRX

  • Fireworks: Mixtral

  • MythoMax

  • MythoMist

  • Zephyr

  • Llava

  • Neural Chat

  • Psyfighter

  • Airoboros

  • Bagel

  • Izlv

  • Mancer: Weaver

  • Meta: Llama

  • Synthia

  • Mistral

  • Mixtral

  • Noromaid

  • Nous

  • OpenChat

  • Cinematika

  • Perplexity: PPLX

  • Phind

  • Pygmalion

  • RWKV v5

  • Midnight Rose

  • OpenHermes

  • StripedHyena


  • Toppy M

  • Xwin

Content Builder

Create content in minutes with the AI Content Builder module. You can generate both individual posts or entire topics by defining the number of sections and paragraphs at once in bulk mode. Here are the prompts for the content builder module:

  • Different AI Models: Create engaging content using different AI Models such as OpenAI, Claude, and Google Gemini models.

  • Block Editor Support: AI Bud has a Gutenberg Block inside the plugin so you can easily create AI-powered content within the WordPress Block Editor. It offers useful features such as boosting productivity, content optimization and workflow efficiency.

  • Helper in Edit Post: AI Bud provides several metabox that will allow you to create titles, excerpts, images, and WooCommerce products easily in the Edit Page of WordPress.

  • Bulk Content Generator: AI Bud has a bulk content editor that helps you to create multiple content in seconds. You need to enter the titles and it will create all the contents for them.

  • AI SEO Optimizations: This section will help you to create content for your keywords, and make them bold automatically in the content. Also, there are some integrations with Yoast, and Rank Math SEO plugins in the Pro version.

  • Custom AI Prompts: You should create customized AI content! You can create content in different languages, writing styles, and writing tones with AI Bud. Also, there is an option to create custom prompts for tailored content creation experiences.

  • WooCommerce AI Support: Don’t think about only posts, we also give the option to create content for WooCommerce products and pages.

  • Language: AI Bud supports content generation and other functionalities in over 40 languages

  • Writing Style: It allows users to adjust the tone and style of AI-generated content to match their preferences. This means you can choose between different writing styles like formal, casual, technical, or creative to better resonate with your audience or fit your brand's voice.

  • Writing Tone: enables users to specify the emotional or tonal qualities of AI-generated content. This includes selecting tones such as informative, persuasive, friendly, or professional, depending on the desired communication style.

Comment Generator | Pro Feature

AI Bud is the only AI plugin that provides such a feature!

Your visitors will see a “Generate Comment” button in the WooCommerce reviews section and WordPress default comment forms, and they will be able to create AI-powered comments within seconds! This feature makes it easier than ever for users to leave feedback. AI Comment Generator is available exclusively in the Pro version of the plugin.

  • Ease of Use: With a simple click, users can generate insightful and relevant comments related to the product or post they are viewing.

  • WooCommerce Review Generator: It’s not just Post comments, you can also use this feature on product pages. You can get more reviews for your products from your visitors with this feature.

  • Increased Engagement: By lowering the barrier to leaving comments, the Comment Generator can significantly increase the number and quality of reviews and feedback. This valuable user-generated content can improve SEO, provide social proof, and influence potential customers’ buying decisions.

  • Customization Options: Site administrators can customize the feature by setting a maximum word count for generated comments, ensuring that the feedback is concise and to the point. Additionally, the option to include emojis offers a touch of personality and visual appeal, making the comments more engaging and relatable.

Image Generator

The image generator module tool, based on ChatGPT AI, helps you to create images by entering prompts through a command line. This can be useful for automating the creation of large numbers of images, as well as for creating images with specific parameters. It offers useful features such as instant creation, adaptive styling, and efficient design. The module leverages the DALL-E model by OpenAI.

  • Multiple Image Generator: One important aspect of this module is controlling the number of images being generated. Simply describe the image you need and specify the number of images you need.

  • Create SEO Optimized Images: When you create the image with our AI image generator, we also create the Title, Description Alt Text for the image with AI. So you can use them on your website for SEO purposes.

  • Customization Options: You can create unique logos, graphics, photo-realistic scenery, banners, product descriptions, cartoon portraits, and digital art. The only limit is your imagination.


The Playground is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with the AI and explore its capabilities via a live dialogue. You can ask any question and get a response immediately.

One of the key features of the Playground module is that users can control the Temperature and Max Tokens of the generated text. Temperature controls the creativity of the AI’s responses, with higher temperatures leading to more creative and unpredictable outputs. Max tokens, on the other hand, limit the length of the generated text, ensuring that responses are concise and to the point.

Chatbot | Pro Feature

The pro version of the plugin includes a Chatbot a powerful tool that allows users to perform various tasks based on requests and instructions. With customizable appearance and advanced features, it can be easily integrated into any website. Chatbot is available exclusively in the Pro version of the plugin.

  • Learns Your Business: AI Bud has a fine-tuning feature, so you can create a chat bot that knows your website & business and answer the questions much more logically.

  • Collect Email Feature: When this feature is enabled, the chatbot will ask users for their email addresses at the beginning of the conversation. The entered email addresses are securely logged, creating a valuable database for your marketing campaigns. You can access and export this data, which now includes a dedicated email column in the logs, through your WordPress admin panel.

  • Save Logs: It will help you to analyze your visitor needs better. There is an option to save all the conversations that have been made with the chatbot. After that, you can easily see each conversation from the admin panel.

  • Fine Tuning | Pro Feature: Fine tuning is the most important part of the chatbot. Don’t use a chatbot that doesn’t know anything about your business or website. Fine Tuning is available exclusively in the Pro version of the plugin.

    • Educate AI models by providing custom questions and answers.

    • By using Entry generators, you can educate your model with all the content from your posts and pages. So it will automatically go through all of your content and educate itself.

    • No need to handle something on the OpenAI side. You can create datasets, upload them to OpenAI, and use them as a model from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  • Different AI Models: You can choose different AI-language models for your Chatbot so you can decide how smart and fast it will be.

  • Display Options: You can easily display the chatbot on the whole website or specific pages by using a shortcode. There are options to specify the place of the chatbot as well.

  • Customized Styling You can customize the AI Chatbot appearance, including name, placeholder text, button text, icons, and themes (dark and light mode).

WooCommerce Product Generator

AI Bud has great integration with WooCommerce. Enhance your e-commerce site with AI Bud by generating compelling product descriptions, optimizing SEO, and offering real-time chatbot support to improve customer interaction and boost sales. You can fill in the high-quality description of your products on your store instantly.

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