Getting Claude API Key

When you go to AiBud WP > Settings page you will see the 'Claude AI API Key' section in the several AI API Key options.

To utilize Claude's language processing capabilities for developing more engaging and customized content, you need to have an Anthropic Claude API Key.

How to get a Claude API Key?

To get a Claude API Key, you should follow these steps:

  • First, go to the Anthropic Claude website ( and login via your registered account if you are not logged in. But if you do not have a registered account, you should have a Claude account.

  • Then when you sign in, you will be directed to the Dashboard page. When you enter that page, you will encounter several options. In these options, you will click the "Get API Keys" button.

  • After you click that button, it directs you to the Settings page-API Keys section. You will encounter the "Get API Keys" option, then click the "Create Key" button in that part.

  • Upon clicking that button, the 'Create API Key' window will appear to name your key. In the image you see above, there is just an example key name, you can name whatever you want. After naming your key, click the "Create Key" button in this window.

  • After that step, you will see the 'Key successfully added!' window, and a proposed key. Click the "Copy Key" option.

  • When you finish creating key steps in the Anthropic Claude page, you go to AiBud WP > Settings page, again. As we mentioned before, here, you will see the 'Claude AI API Key' area. Paste your copied key from the previous step in that area where it says 'Enter API Key'.

  • After pasting the key in the specified area, you will click the "SAVE" button (below left).

Now, you are ready to use the plugin with Anthropic Claude to improve visitors' ability to process data and create more interesting and personalized content.

It's important to note that Anthropic Claude charges for API usage based on the number of requests you make and the amount of data you process.

You can find more information about pricing on the Anthropic Claude website.

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