The "Image generator" creates images from scratch based on a text prompt.

In the "Command" section, simply type text prompts and choose "The number of images that are being generated" to get results based on them.

Additional Settings for the Image generator will be available in future updates.

The generated images can be downloaded directly or can be saved to the Media Gallery by editing the meta information:

By identifying the details or specific characteristics to include in the image, a detailed image can be obtained. For example, you could describe the subject, style, colors, composition, or any other details you want to highlight similar to the following prompt:

[Pink flowers made of knitted yarn material, realistic lighting, and shadows, C4D output, rich details] + in a bottle, white background --ar 9:16 --q 2 --q 2 --style raw

Another example with a different prompt and increased number of generated images:

valley, fairytale treehouse village covered, matte painting, highly detailed, dynamic lighting, cinematic, realism, realistic, photo real, sunset, detailed, high contrast, denoised, centered, Michael Whelan

You can get more customized images by changing the settings of the image generator.


The AiBud plugin offers a wide range of settings with enough options to set custom presets for the generated images.

Let's review them briefly:

  • Artist - The AI model will try to resemble the style of the selected Artist with specific instructions and prompts.

Keep in mind that AI-generated images are a product of the model's interpretation and may not exactly replicate a unique artistic vision.

However, with experimentation and iteration, you can explore and generate images that capture some of the surreal and imaginative qualities reminiscent of the selected artist's style.

  • Style -In the list of styles, you can select that match best for the selected artist such as Classical, Realism, Renaissance, and so on.

  • Photography - You can set the theme of the selected generated image.

  • Lighting - In the lightning section, it is possible to set the type of light that can be used in the image.

  • Subject - When generating an image using AI, you can provide a desired subject to guide the model.

  • Camera - Camera settings can be selected to experiment and express a creative vision.

  • Composition -

  • Resolution - Select the proper resolution of the image that suits your needs.

  • Color - Select color format that will be used by AI can be selected.

  • Special effects - AI can include one of the available effects in the generated image.

  • Size - Select image dimensions in pixels.

The Image generator settings will be applied globally and used while generating featured images for Pages, Posts, and WooCoomerce products.

The AiBud plugin can generate a Featured image for Posts, Pages, and WooCoomerce products depending on their content. To do this the "Image Suggestions" should be enabled.


While editing the posts simply click on the "Generate Image" button to get an image that matches the content of the post.

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